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Legal Resources

Kakbima Corporate, External, and Legal Affairs group

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Legal and corporate affairs solutions

We’ve pulled together some important legal documents to help you understand how Kakbima works with and protects its website visitors, customers, and partners.

Privacy Policy

Explains what information we collect and why, how we use it, and how to review and update it.

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Cookie Policy

Describes what a cookie is, why we use them, what cookies we use, and how to manage them.

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Describes the general rules on which you agree to when using all our services.

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Kakbima Account

Your Kakbima Account gives you quick access to settings and tools that let you safeguard your data and protect your privacy.

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Digital ground rules for you

Kakbima General User Safety Center

Rules to keep your data private, safe, and secure

Our Privacy and Security Principles

A little about us

We provide a simple software for the complex business of insurance buyers, agents, brokers, microinsurers and insurers.

For Insurers

Access cutting edge technology previously available for 'insurtech' startups or large IT budgets and connect with your customers, agents and brokers.

For Microinsurers

With a few clicks, deploy new products quickly and at scale to the mass market while keeping up with the latest customer experience innovations.

For Brokers

Use Kakbima to establish and manage relationships with digital partners. Offer your products where and when customers are interested in a relevant insurance product.

For Agents

Use Kakbima to connect to insurance companies and streamline
 the sale of insurance products. Would you like to sell insurance after 6 pm? Would you like to automate the sale of small premium products and increase your ROI? Would you like to have tools to sell to Millennials and Gen Z?

For Consumers

Experience a hassle free insurance buying experience, policy management option and claims filing process

Allow us to explain why we believe in a new future
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A selection of partners that help us build and grow


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The latest product updates, announcements, and articles

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Some call it a job. We call it a dream! Live and work from anywhere in the world. Focus on doing great work!

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